Workplace Consultancy


Any company that places a value on knowledge, will value teamwork and communication skills. The importance in providing a stimulating workplace environment is essential to business needs and employee satisfaction.

Workplace cultures that encourage knowledge  sharing fit perfectly with the needs of employees wishing to benefit from the pursuit of work experience. A stimulating learning workplace environment will provide the key elements to retain and acquire motivated like-minded employees and develop as a responsible employer.

Our Workplace Consultancy design services are independent of manufacturers, furniture suppliers, installers and contractors. We offer lateral thinking and appropriate solutions that respond to the workplace needs of our clients.


Consultancy services include:

  • Initial Appraisal
  • Stakeholder and staff consulatation
  • Space audit
  • Test fits
  • Building analysis
  • Space planning
  • Space management
  • Post Occupancy

Please contact us for an initial consultation