Central House

Building Remodelling and Cat-A from shell and core
Breeam – Very Good

Client: Coldunell Group
Architects: OIA
Completion: April 2016
Value: 1.5 Million
Breeam: Very Good
EPC: B Rated
Contract: JCT (DB)2011

Current trends in occupier needs (BCO 2014 “improving the environmental performance of offices”) place building efficiency and environmental performance as an increasingly important issue for owners, occupiers, design teams and contractors, making the approach to good design and energy efficiency less of a niche endeavour and more an attitude to good corporate responsibility.

Initial site visits and early discussion with Coldunell Group gave an opportunity to develop a number of design options. These ideas included a new treatment to the corner elevation of Central House and improved building entrance, with further design solutions for a new environmental HVAC system and lighting strategy for the principle office areas. Other recommendations include a revised basement scheme with additional secondary entrance. Rainwater harvesting and grey water recycling. A new glazed meeting room to the ground floor mezzanine light well and a new wheelchair platform lift. OIA also included a detailed response in respect to obtaining a Breeam ‘Very Good’ rating for the building.